About the Competition

The seventh annual Loyola Blakefield Cyber Challenge has been completed. Thank you to all who attended. The competition was an exciting event for all participants, new and experienced. All challenges were created by students at Loyola Blakefield High School. Participants were tasked with solving challenges on a wide variety of topics, all pertinent to real-life cyber threats prevalent in today’s society.

“Some of our students were feeling pretty intimidated at the beginning of the day, and by the end they had gained a lot of confidence and had a lot of fun largely due to help and encouragement from the yellow shirts” – Faculty Member

The IoT (Internet of Things) City challenges were a resounding success. Consisting of six separate Capture the Flag style challenges with an IoT twist, ranging in difficulty from Intro to Advanced, the challenges tested competitors’ knowledge of both basic cybersecurity and IoT elements. The Internet of Things is an idea of how different appliances, or things, connect and communicate with each other. This can include your home security camera, phone, and even your toaster! This year, we featured a series of IOT-themed challenges revolving around common industrial “things”, such as traffic lights, billboards, and a water tower.

Check out photos from our last competition!

Loyola Blakefield CSI

The Loyola Blakefield Cyber Science Initiative (LBCSI) is a student-run group directed by Steve Morrill, Director of Technology & Cyber Science at Loyola Blakefield. The vision for this competition is to bring new opportunities to all students in the country, in addition to connecting the business world with a diverse talent pool. LBCSI has become the international leader in Cyber education for students in middle and high school. Learn more here

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