Capture The Flag  (10 am – 4:45 pm.)

Challenge Categories:

  • Algorithm/Programming
  • Cryptology
  • Forensics
  • Network Analysis
  • Reverse Engineering/Binary Exploitation
  • Web Exploitation
  • Miscellaneous

Demo Challenge

Challenge Name: Protons

Category: Cryptology

A colleague of mine sent me this nondescript message yesterday claiming it is important that I figure out the element hidden within it. Help me decode this message and find the element.

125 163 145 040 101 144 144 151 164 151 157 156

Answer: LBCTF{Nobelium}

Demo Challenge 2

Challenge Name: Random Resets

Category: Network Analysis

There appears to be some weird network traffic captured in thsi pcap file, see if you can find the flag hidden within.

Hint: “RST packets typically have a len of zero”

Hint 2: The IP addresses of those RST Packets seem odd, don’t they?

Answer: LBCTF{R5Tpk3nc0ding}

Categories: LBC2