Loyola Blakefield Cyber Security Informatics practices digital awareness and safety as well as the professional and ethical implementation of cybersecurity skills. It provides students with real world skills required by today’s fast-growing employers and offers on the most advanced opportunities to apply those skills in the classroom. This program further enables students to test drive their future careers by participating in many student-led projects, national competitions, and local internship opportunities. LBCSI fosters the talents and ambitions of its students, preparing them to excel in the professional field. Loyola Blakefield Cyber Security gives students opportunities to learn and grow on an unparalleled level.

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This year LBCSI celebrates its 11th year. The Loyola Blakefield Cyber initiative has given many students everlasting opportunities and memories, as well as expanding into a community of growth. With well over a hundred members, the club has continued the interest of cyber science through yearly outreach and rapid development. The leadership team’s hard work and commitment have kept production run smoothly, especially during Cyber Patriot and LBC2 season. This year marks the 7th LBC2 student run cyber competition.

LBCSI is a student run initiative and directed by Steve Morrill, Head of Technology & Cyber Science at Loyola Blakefield. He has been at the school for seventeen years and started the club along with just a few other students back in 2011. With his dedication and mentorship, the club has expanded to what it is today, and without him, none of this would exist.

Steve Morrill – Director of LBCSI smorrill@loyolablakefield.org