Winners in both divisions received the following rewards:

1st Place = $400 + 4 TCM Security Academy 6-month Training Voucher ($1020 Total)

2nd Place = $200 + 4 TCM Security Academy 3-month Training Voucher ($520 Total)

3rd Place = $100 + 4 TCM Security Academy 1-month Training Voucher ($220 Total)

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Reasons To Compete

The Loyola Blakefield Cyber Challenge is a competition and educational platform made for students of all skill levels. The challenges are designed to both teach and assess competitors’ abilities to think outside the box when handling cyber threats and solving cryptographic puzzles. Students are encouraged to learn through hands-on experience with real cybersecurity challenges, and they are supported by a team of LBCSI students available to help for the entire duration of the competition. No previous experience with computers is necessary, and best of all: It’s FREE!

How It’s Structured

LBC2 is meant to provide new students an opportunity to learn about cybersecurity while also allowing experienced students to compete against each other to prove their skills. The competition is made up of individual challenges created by LBCSI students. Hidden somewhere in each challenge is a “flag” that the competitors are to search for. Each challenge assesses a particular skill associated with cybersecurity, ranging from Programming to Network Analysis.